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Are you envious of modern vehicles with keyless entry?  Do you desire a lighted pathway to your vehicle in the dark of night for safety reasons?  

Bluminate™ [Auto] can provide you with all these features and more - all in a simple, installer-friendly package.

Bluminate™ [Auto] is an aftermarket add-on device that enhances your vehicle ownership experience.  With its patent-pending PBI (Passive Bluetooth Invocation) technology, Bluminate™ [Auto] eliminates the barrier between you and your vehicle allowing for seamless entry and feature invocation. No hands needed. No apps to install. Just have your mobile phone with you and Bluminate™ [Auto] will do the rest.


Illuminating Your path. Minimizing Danger.

Imagine walking to your vehicle at night, wouldn't it be much nicer and safer if the vehicle's headlights could automatically turn on as you approach to illuminate the area around you? What if you could also trigger the interior lights to turn on before you get to the vehicle?

Darkness is safety's enemy.

Minimize surrounding danger and maximize your security with Bluminate™ [Auto] the hands-free solution to unlocking convenience and safety. With Bluminate™ [Auto] and its passive trigger technology, you can have the headlights or auxiliary lights brighten your path at night simply by walking towards your vehicle.


Hands-Free Helper

In every day life, we have our hands full. Quite literally: hands full of groceries, briefcases, purses and other bulky objects impede our path. Through Bluminate's PBI technology, you can unlock the doors automatically by simply approaching your vehicle.

Fumble Less. Accomplish More.

As your hands are full, nothing is as frustrating as fumbling around for your keys to disarm your car alarm before entering your vehicle. How difficult is it pulling out your mobile phone to use an app while your hands are full? Hopefully you have great phone insurance against breakage. Bluminate™ [Auto] may optionally disarm your car alarm as you approach your vehicle.


As we run around from errand to errand, it’s easy to forget the little things such as locking the doors. Not to worry for Bluminate™ [Auto] can be configured to automatically lock your doors and optionally turn on your alarm as you walk away from your vehicle. Yet another way Bluminate™ [Auto] simplifies your day-to-day routine.

Bluminate™ [Auto] vs. The Competition

Bluminate™ [Auto] uses your mobile phone to notify your vehicle of your presence and you always have your mobile phone with you already. Other devices require you to carry a bulky fob to trigger keyless entry.

Bluminate™ [Auto] is completely passive, no hands needed to engage. Fumbling with your phone to open an app is often required by our competition's devices. 

Bluminate™ [Auto], utilizing its Passive Bluetooth Invocation technology, can do much more than just lock and unlock your vehicle. Additionally control lights and alarm - all without requiring an app. 

Bluminate™ [Auto] is designed to minimize false triggers. No more unintentional unlocking of the vehicle as you pass by it in designated safe zones.