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True Hands-Free Feature Invocation

No fumbling with mobile apps or key fobs, with Bluminate™ [Auto] installed in the vehicle, one is able to unlock doors or turn on lights to illuminate their path just by walking towards it with their mobile phone.  The installed Bluminate™ [Auto] device senses the presence of a registered mobile phone.  Based on how it was configured, it then proceeds to invoke a set of predefined features (unlock door, turn on light, etc.)  Out of the box, Bluminate™ [Auto] is able to operate lights, locks, alarm, and horn in most vehicles.  With additional components connected to Bluminate™ [Auto], the possibilities are endless.  No extra bulky fobs to carry.  No apps to operate.  Just walk to or from your vehicle with your mobile phone in tow.

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Zones & Directionality

Bluminate™ [Auto] is super flexible.  It understands 3 separate zones (near, far, and out-of-range).  Moreover, it's smart enough to recognize whether registered mobile phones are coming or going.  This allows various configurations to suit the user's preference.  For example, user walks towards the vehicle.  As the registered phone goes from the out-of-range zone to the far zone, the lights can turn on making it safer at night.  Furthermore, as the phone goes from far zone to the near zone, the doors can unlock making it super convenient.  The reverse can also be configured since Bluminate™ [Auto] knows direction.  As the user carrying the registered phone walks away from the vehicle, the registered phone will go from near zone to far zone.  Bluminate™ [Auto] can be configured to lock the doors.  No more worries about whether you've locked the doors or not.  Mix and match the features you want to invoke going into/out-of various zones.  

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From Classic To Modern

One of the major design principles behind Bluminate™ [Auto] is maximum applicability.  It can operate in virtually any vehicle.  For classic vehicles, analog wire-to-wire connectivity is provided.  If your vehicle is of the modern era and runs off of a Controller Area Network, no problem.  Bluminate™ [Auto] includes digital hook-ups to allow easy connectivity to 3rd party CAN interfaces.  Your qualified installer would be able to tell you which method suits your situation best.

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Wide Mobile Phone Support

Bluminate™ [Auto] can work with any mobile phone with basic Bluetooth® support.  Even an analog flip-phone from the 90's can work as long as it supports Bluetooth®.  Most other products on the market require "smart" phones and installation of additional apps.  No more worries of smart phone OS updates causing vendor provided apps not to function properly.

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Safe Zones & Valet Mode

Technology is great when it works.  But it can also be a source of frustration with it working when you do NOT want it work.  A major complaint about aftermarket keyless entry solutions is that it unlocks the doors when the user did not intend to.  For example, your vehicle is parked inside your garage.  You carry the keyless entry fob in your pocket and walk into the kitchen which happens to be next to the garage.  Most aftermarket keyless entry devices will unlock because the fob has been detected (inside the kitchen).  This can be frustrating or worse, a safety risk.  Bluminate™ [Auto] solves this problem by creating "safe zones".  Safe zones are designated areas which will temporarily prevent Bluminate™ [Auto] from invoking any features.  If your house is designated a safe zone, even if the registered mobile phone gets close to the vehicle, nothing will happen.  This way, false triggers are minimized.  Need to bypass Bluminate™ [Auto] features while you are out and about?  Use the valet mode.  Similar to car alarms's valet mode, enabling this will suppress any features from being invoked.

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Installer Friendly

Bluminate™ [Auto] was designed with the installers in mind.  No more listening to beeps and honks, the installers will love the fully menu-driven LCD display during configuration.  Their backs will thank them also since Bluminate™ [Auto] is fully configurable on the workbench.  More time at the workbench means less time on their backs.  Additionally, Bluminate™ [Auto] supports both traditional analog (wire-to-wire) hook-up as well as digital hook-up to compatible devices for faster installation.